Hummingbird PR-1


Empowering small and medium-sized operators with scalability and affordability.

* Due to high demand, current lead time is 4-6 weeks.

Our powerful desktop platform capable of packing 120 cones with a perfect density gradient and a consistent, even burn. Intuitive operation and average cycle times of 60 seconds make the Hummingbird PR-1 both an excellent starting point or a seamless upgrade for users of traditional vibratory preroll packing machines.

The Hummingbird PR-1 includes everything you need to calibrate weight, fill, pack, and eject one cone size of your choice up to 109mm in height. Access to our accessory shop is included with purchase so you can scale up or support new cone sizes seamlessly with or without directly contacting the team.

Don’t see the size you need or are you concerned about cone brand compatibility? Contact us for more information about our cone validation process and custom sets of Hummingbird Pods.

Capacity: 120 prerolls
Power Requirements: 120v / 800w
Dimensions: 68.5×50.0x38.5cm
Net Weight : 67kg
Noise (dB): ≤ 58
Max Speed: 3000rpm
Max Runtime: 1 min
Certifications: CE and ISO
Stainless Steel Construction
1 Year Limited Warranty

(1) Hummingbird PR-1 Preroll Centrifuge
(1) Hummingbird Pod Set*
(1) Hummingbird Fill Kit**
(1) Universal Cone Ejector

Contact us for custom pod orders and additional accessory requests.

Familiar intuitive workflow
Single or multi user operation
Support cone sizes up to 109mm in height
Cone brand agnostic
Fill weights of .35g to 1.5g
Infused or non-infused material
$0.06-$0.08 average labor cost per preroll
Fill 3,000 to 20,000 prerolls per day

Perfectly PackEd Prerolls

Our PR-1 uses centrifugal force to achieve a perfect density profile.

Hands on SupporT

We help set up your easy-to-use machines and consult on processes.

Wet or Dry Infusions

Ensure an even burn every time, including kief and sauce infusions. Up to 20,000 prerolls per day!